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harp on film?

Just thinking about this earlier when some friends and I were discussing the perfect casting of Jeeves & Wooster (UK TV series featuring a double act of well known comedians in the PG Wodehouse stories) and I may have mentioned it before here, but thoughts please.

About ten years ago I read of rumours that Marks & Gran (very successful UK sitcom writers, who've also done some Hollywood screenwriting) were desperate to make a Harpo film - they'd talked to Susan, looked into the rights, come up with a rough script - and had come up with their ideal lead. Obviously the film never turned up, but their rumoured ideal lead was... Robin Williams??
I was appalled at this. No way is Robin Williams our Harpo. I came up with mine, easily. Teller, of Penn and Teller? Has the right face (and forehead!) is a little sweet , lovable guy, never talks in his act, plays instruments, and does the magic stuff.

I'd love to see that. Am I right, or who would you love to see as our boy?

(Sorry for any patronising explanations of the UK stuff you US guys might not know, I'm just assuming...)

Edit: oh and e.g this type of thing?

Further edit: just realised you US lot will spell it "rumored" right? Sorry?
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